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What does the EU do?

What does the EU actually deal with?

The EU deals with many areas. Here are some examples:

Environmental issues. The EU has set goals for how member states should reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, for example.

Fishing. The EU decides how much fish may be fished in EU waters, which includes, for example, cod in the Baltic.

Police cooperation. The police forces and prosecutors in the EU member states have the right to cooperate with each other to combat serious cross-border crime, such as drug smuggling, for example.

Regional support. EU member states want to reduce economic and social differences between countries and regions in the EU. For this reason, a large amount of EU money is devoted to regional support.

Refugee policy. The EU has a number of common rules concerning asylum for refugees including, for example, which country should deal with a particular asylum application.

The EU member states also cooperate for example on development assistance policy, trade with countries outside the EU, support to agriculture and food-related issues.

This is what the EU doesn't do

The member states themselves are responsible for a large number of issues. Examples of such issues are income taxes, medical care, schools, pensions and child support.

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